Acharya's Detail

Osho Maitreya

Acharyashree Osho Maitreya

Acharyashree Osho Maitreya who will be playing the role of program leading Acharya in these international programs, is the senior-most Acharya trained by Osho Sadguru Trivir of Oshodhara.


Maitreyajee is Founder President of Oshodhara Maitri Sangh (Oshodhara Friendship Community) and Hindi, English and Nepali medium program leading Acharya of Oshodhara Nepal and Oshodhara International.
He is a self-realized mystic who brings along with him over 23 years’ experience of his intensive spiritual quest.

Born in the kingdom of Nepal, Maitreyajee is successful both in material and spiritual aspects of living. For this his friends and fellow seekers around the world call him Zorba the Buddha (as envisioned by Osho).
In search of material and spiritual well-being Maitreyajee has visited over 80 countries of the world, has attended many international seminars and conferences, and has had the opportunity of living together and meeting various enlightened and advanced spiritual seekers around the world.

His primary days of spiritual quest were with Swami Anand Arun of Osho Tapovan and finally Oshodhara Sadguru Trivir blessed him with divinity in July 1999.
His living masters, Osho Sadguru Trivir, declared him as self-realized on 11 December 2002, 72nd birthday of OSHO. He now travels around the world conducting small 1 day, 3 days, 6 days and 12 days Anand Pragya Vipassana & Dhyan Samadhi and other advanced level Oshodhara programs.
Educated as economist and as general manager Maitreyajee was born in Nepal. He is blessed with 2 daughters and 1 son.