About Osho

Osho was born in Kuchwada, Madhya Pradesh, India, on 11 December, 1931. He attained Enlightenment at the age of twenty-one and went on to complete his education. He taught philosophy at the University of Jabalpur for many years.

Osho revived all the ancient spiritual teachings like Vedanta, Sankhya, Yoga, Tantra, Sufi, Hasid, Tao, Baul, Zen etc.
Not only did he revive all these traditions and spoke on great saints and masters like Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Mahaveera, Shiva et al, he also developed different meditation techniques that help the modern man unburden his anxieties, stress through a deep cleansing process in order to achieve a relaxed state of meditation and ultimately self realization.

His talks are transcribed and published in over 650 volumes and translated into over 40 major languages of the world. Meditation centers owing allegiance to him can be found all over the world.

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About Oshodhara

After a gap of seven years of Osho having left His body, Swami Anand Siddharth, a disciple of Osho from India, attained Enlightenment in 1997.

Ma Amrit Priya and Swami Shailendra Saraswati (Osho’s sister-in-law and younger brother), also disciples of Osho, joined this stream and formed a trinity (Osho Sadguru Trivir) which culminated into Oshodhara.
This group of three living masters (now known as Osho Siddharth, Osho Priya and Osho Shailendra) is known as Osho SadguruTrivir.

They have been working since 1999 to help the seekers and with the help of these living masters many have attained self realization and many others are in the process.

Osho Sadguru Trivir primarily works from 4 major program centers in Nepal and India as follows:

1. Oshodhara Gangotri Dham in Nepal

Oshodhara Gangotri Dham in Nepal, from where Oshodhara spiritual movement formally started in 1999, is considered to be the GANGOTRI (ORIGIN) of Oshodhara.

2. Oshodhara Anand Dham in Punjab, India

3. Oshodhara Nanak Dham in Delhi, India

4. Oshodhara Sahajananda Dham in Bihar, India

There are hundreds of Oshodhara Peeth and Dhyan Samadhi Centers around the world.

For further information log on to: www.oshodhara.org.in

Sadguru Osho Trivir

Oshodhara Sadguru Trivir is a group of three enlightened disciples of Osho who are guiding seekers and Osho lovers from meditation to Enlightenment through a series of Oshodhara Samadhi programs.

Osho Siddharthjee

Osho Siddharth was born on 23rd September, 1942 at Karma, District Rohtas, Bihar, India. He did his schooling in Neterhat Residential School (1956-61), and M.SC, PHD, AISM in Indian School Mines, Dhanbad, India, where he also served as lecturer till 1975. He joined Coal India LTD in 1975 where he has worked as General Manager till 2002.

He did senior Executive Course in Management at Manchester Business School, UK in 1991.
Osho Siddharth’s quest for truth took him to several Masters of different Spiritual traditions. He joined Osho’s Neo-Sannyas movement on 13th May 1980.

Osho Siddharth experienced satori in December 1988 and founded Indian Institute of Yoga and Management. In 1992, he discovered ‘Kaushal Chakra’ an improved version of Quality Circle which was successfully implemented in South Eastern Coalfields Limited under his stewardship.

He was blessed with Enlightenment on the 5th of March, 1997. He along with Osho Priya and Osho Shailendra -Osho Sadguru Trivir (trinity of Living Masters in the Osho’s tradition) developed twelve levels of Samadhi programs under Oshodhara, a live stream originating from Osho, and through these programs he is helping the seekers on the path to self realization.

Osho Priyajee

Osho Priya was born on 8th May, 1958. She did her M. A. in Philosophy and Prabhakar in Music in 1979. She joined Osho’s Neo-Sannyas movement in 1973.

In 1979 She married Swami Shailendra Saraswati, Osho’s younger brother, now known as Osho Shailendra.
She lived with Osho in the Osho Ashram in Pune during 1978-81.

She went to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, U.S.A, in 1982 and lived there with Osho till 1985. She came back to India and went to Osho Commune Pune in August 1989 and lived there till September 1990 till the last days of Osho in the body.

She worked as a teacher in OPM Shikshan Kendra during 1990-99. She was blessed with Enlightenment on 25th January, 2000.
She is a wonderful singer and dozens of her albums of Bhajans (devotional songs) have already become very popular among the seekers. She had the privilege of singing some of her songs and bhajans in Osho’s presence. Osho enjoyed and appreciated her singing with much joy.

She is a member of Osho Sadguru Trivir, a Trinity of Living Masters.

Osho Shailendrajee

Osho Shailendra was born on 17th June, 1955 as younger brother of Osho. He joined Osho’s-Neo-Sannyas movement in 1971. He did his MBBS from Jabalpur University in 1978. He lived in Osho Commune in Pune during 1978-81. He went to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, U.S.A. in 1981 and lived with Osho till 1985.

He came back to India and served in Orient Paper Mills at Amalai (MP) as Chief Medical Officer during 1986-92. He again went to Osho Commune Pune during August 89-September 90 during last days of Osho leaving His body.

He was blessed with Enlightenment on 5th January, 2001.

He is a member of Osho Sadguru Trivir, a Trinity of Living Masters.