After a gap of seven years of Osho having left His body, Swami Anand Siddharth, a disciple of Osho from India, attained Enlightenment in 1997.

Ma Amrit Priya and Swami Shailendra Saraswati (Osho’s sister-in-law and younger brother), also disciples of Osho, joined this stream and formed a trinity (Osho Sadguru Trivir) which culminated into Oshodhara.
This group of three living masters (now known as Osho Siddharth, Osho Priya and Osho Shailendra) is known as Osho SadguruTrivir.

They have been working since 1999 to help the seekers and with the help of these living masters many have attained self realization and many others are in the process.

Osho Sadguru Trivir primarily works from 4 major program centers in Nepal and India as follows:

1. Oshodhara Gangotri Dham in Nepal

Oshodhara Gangotri Dham in Nepal, from where Oshodhara spiritual movement formally started in 1999, is considered to be the GANGOTRI (ORIGIN) of Oshodhara.

2. Oshodhara Anand Dham in Punjab, India

3. Oshodhara Nanak Dham in Delhi, India

4. Oshodhara Sahajananda Dham in Bihar, India

There are hundreds of Oshodhara Peeth and Dhyan Samadhi Centers around the world.

For further information log on to: www.oshodhara.org.in