5 Questions

1. You may have visited various parts of the world, a number of temples, mosques, gurudwaras, synagogues, monasteries, churches, and worshiped in hundreds of religious places created by man. But have you ever visited the holiest place, which is created by God Himself?

2. You may have read many religious books, books on self development and on many more subjects, some of them may even have been international best-sellers. Have you ever been able to read the voluminous unwritten book on yourself?

3. You may have earned many degrees, diplomas, medals, trophies etc. Have you ever been able to earn eternal treasure of bliss that lies undiscovered within yourself?

4. You have been running here and there every day from early in the morning till to midnight all your life. Do you know the purpose of this restless journey?

5. Have money, relationship, sex, knowledge, material affluence, journeys been able to satisfy you?



Do not be disappointed if your answer is no!

We are here to remind you that, in essence, we are a drop of the Divine Ocean, whence it separated so long ago, and have totally forgotten the origin.

All our woes and miseries are due to this separation, and will end only when we return to our original home and merge back into the Divine Ocean. That ocean, your real home, is within you and cannot be realized anywhere outside!

Our physical eyes can wander the whole earth, but it cannot see the Godliness within. Our physical ear can hear the outer music, but it cannot hear the Divine Melody.

The source of all happiness is within us and can be discovered by becoming a seeker and by receiving guidance from an adept master.

Unless we have discovered it, we have not fulfilled our destiny. Let me precisely say that until we have attained it, we have simply wasted our time.

Give us an opportunity to share with you what we have known from our masters and have found from our intensive quest.
Let us guide you to the source of eternal bliss and peace that lies within you. Let us show you your way to ultimate freedom and what you have been longing for since time immemorial.

You are welcome to join in one of our programs in Asia, Europe, Australia, North or South America soon.

Should you wish to know more, please feel free to write me?

Osho Maitreya